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8 year old Alaya & Lottie just about get over their first wall together - Nov 2014

Part of riding is accepting that it doesn’t always go to plan… and these days, with the emergence of smart phones meaning there is nearly always a camera/video to hand we manage to capture a lot more of them than in days gone by

Pony Club riders in particular are taught from a young age that falling off your pony does not mean you give up, and tend to show remarkable resilience and determination.

This page showcases some of our members over the years in some unplanned dismounts and ‘uh oh’ moments at our rallies and events…

Members – if you have any amusing pictures of yourselves please do send them to me

layaowl (1 of 1)
11 year old Laya jumps the owl hole at Pontispool with no reins

keira (1 of 1)
9 year old Keira dismounts with style – Newhall April 2017

A few of our riders had some challenging moments at our Easter Challenge rally – Rollestone April 2017

11 year old Laya is developing her own unique style of jumping – Newhall February 2017

erin (1 of 1).jpg
Erin manages to stay on board – despite Storming Norman’s antics – Pontispool February 2017
Izzy gets wet at Pontispool – February 2017

12 year old Tilly & Elliot almost part company at Bicton Arena – January 2017

12 year old Lukke & Spider had some impressive near misses and actual dismounts at a SJ rally in January 2017

13 year old Sophie G & Gypsy part company at the Team Jumping competition at KSEC – October 2016

Bicton Arena September 2016 – Click on the pictures for larger versions

Laya & Lottie - Nov 2014
8 year old Alaya & Lottie just about get over their first wall together – UPEC Nov 2014


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