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Tests Achievements

D+ Test Passes – Feb 2020

We had several members who took their D+ tests over half term. They all did brilliantly and everyone passed and I think learnt lots as a result of the experience too which I hope was not too daunting and quite fun really!

Huge thanks to Gail for testing you all, to Hyperion for hosting us and also to Caroline Brimblecombe for training everyone so expertly!

Many Congratulations to the following: Emily Bateman, Polly Cochrane, Maddy Hayward, Evie Fairley Hobbs, Tristan Fairley Hobbs, Nancy Goymour, Ellie Jackson, Lukke Morris, Lauren Pezzani, Sarah Pezzani, Flo Quelvennec and Grace Vicary.

B Test Pass – Jan 2020

Huge Congratulations to Olivia Eden who passed her Pony Club B test today. Olivia has put so much work into this and passed the riding section in the summer so today was the stable management section which demands a really thorough and in depth knowledge of many aspects of horse and pony care. We are delighted for you Olivia and really, really well done!

E Test Passes – Dec 2019

Well done to Brook Andrews, Jacob Leney and Elsie Palmer who passed their E tests at Hyperion just after Christmas

D Test Passes – Dec 2019

Huge Congratulations to Archie Balchin, Tristan Fairley Hobbs, Arleya Murphy, Lauren and Sarah Pezzani and Grace Vicary who all passed their Pony Club D Test at Hyperion on Monday 30th December

B Test Pass – Nov 2019

Huge Congratulations to Olivia Eden who passed her Pony Club B test today. Olivia has put so much work into this and passed the riding section in the summer so today was the stable management section which demands a really thorough and in depth knowledge of many aspects of horse and pony care. We are delighted for you Olivia and really, really well done!

D Test Passes – July 2019

We had eight members who were awarded their D tests  at Camp this year, which is tremendous.  They were Emily Bateman, Polly Cochrane, James Dawkins, Evie Fairley-Hobbs, Ellie Jackson, Maddy Hayward, Flo Quelvennec.

C+ Test Passes – April 2019

Today we had six Silverton and one Mid Devon member taking their C+ tests at the Grange. I am completely delighted to report that we have had a 100% pass rate. Stacey Coombes passed the Horse and Pony Care section of the test and will be taking the riding section later in the year. Lissy Arden, Laya Arden, Lydia Arscott (Mid Devon) Rachel Brown, Sophie Jackson and Amy Stewart took both the Horse and Pony Care section and the riding section and all passed both. They have all worked so hard, coming to lots of training sessions and revising as well at home and justly deserved this tremendous result. Huge thanks to Caroline Brimblecombe for her expert training once again and also to Sarah Box Adair at Rollestone Farm for allowing us to have our training sessions there. Finally thanks to Rebecca Wheeler and Jill Grattan for being such excellent examiners!

D+ Test Passes – April 2019

We had a fantastic morning at Hyperion this morning with 14 Silverton members taking their D+ tests and all 14 passing!! Yippee girls and boys and very, very, very well done. Those involved were Evie Coe, Olly Coe, Violet Cook, Jess Coombes, Jess Cottrell, Nicole Daley, Sienna Fuller, Sophie Holt, Ellie Lambourne, Fae Matthias, Jess Saunders, Merryn Tyler, Phoebe Wilson and Dexter Worley. You were all beautifully turned out, full of knowledge and Gail was most impressed. Huge thank yous also to Gail for assessing you all and making it such fun, Caroline Brimblecombe for her excellent job in preparing you all, Rollestone Farm for hosting the training sessions and to Hyperion for providing the test venue. Role on your C tests!

C Test Passes – October 2018

7 of our Silverton Members headed to Hyperion to take their C Tests – after training with Caroline for the past 6 weeks on the theory and riding.

A very big well done to Martha Clutterbuck, Oliver Saunders, Eliza Heard, Erin Vukusic, Leanne Cowle, Lissy Arden & Alaya Arden who all passed.

C + Test Passes – October 2017

We had another fantastic day today yesterday with 7 members taking their C+ tests at The Grange and all 7 passed.

Those taking the test were Beth Manley, Mollie Chapman, Rosa Watts, Olivia Eden, Anya Hitt, Abi Grant and Isabelle Geran.

It was a superb outcome and huge congratulations to all of them. They were all prepared for the test by Caroline Brimblecombe who once again has done a fantastic job.

Photos & report by Rebecca Wharton


C Test Passes – October 2017

We had a fantastic day at Hyperion where 13 members were taking their C tests and ALL passed which is a really amazing outcome.

Those who took it were Max Harrison, Maddie Roche, Mollie Chapman, Isabelle Geran, Anya Hitt, Beth Manley, Holly Pearce, Faith Williamson, Elsie Cox, Sophie Gillard, Sophie Jackson, Molly Loosemore, Amy Stewart.

Maddie Roche then also went on to take her C+ test the same day which she also passed!

I am so pleased for everyone and it was a great reward for all the hard work and commitment they have put in to the training over the past few weeks.

We are hugely grateful to Caroline Brimblecombe for all her excellent teaching and to Hyperion for enabling us to have the training and the test there.”

Photos & report : Rebecca Wharton


D & D+ Test Passes – July 2017

Well done to the following members who passed their D test at camp:

Ellie Beer, Amy Stewart, Olivia Foster, Jessica Coombes, Evie Coe, Violet Cook, Ellie Lambourne, Mimi Brent, Maya Corbin, Nancy Goymour, Jasper Kolowski, Fae Matthias, Lukke Morris, Oliver Worley.

And another well done to the following members who passed their D+ test at camp:

Issy Kekwick, Sophie Gillard, Beth Manley, Amy Stewart, Holly Pearce, Charlotte Broom, Leane Cowle, Ellie Bradner, Olivia Foster, Alaya Arden, Martha Clutterbuck, Lily Cox, Sophie Jackson, Will Loosemore and Bella Board.

Dressage – Thursday 27th July

Open – Tilly Hutchinson-Field was 3rd as an individual

Intermediate – The team of Thomas Broom, Megan Bailey and Celia Nowill were 5th

Novice – The team of Rachel Brown, Ella Hall, Olivia Eden and Isabelle Geran were 3rd. Rachel Brown was 3rd individually qualifying for the National Championships

Regional – Lissy Arden and Charlotte Broom were 3rd and 4th individually and both qualified for the regional championships

Eventing – Sunday 23rd July

Novice – The team of Olivia Eden, Celia Nowill, Rachel Brown and Ella Hall were 5th. Celia Nowill and Olivia Eden were 4th and 5th individually and have both qualified for the National Championships

Regional – The team of Holly Pearce, Molly Loosemore, Max Harrison and Jodie Lister won the team competition qualifying for the egional championships at Bicton. We also had individual places as follows:  Jodie Lister 2nd, Max Harrison 4th, Molly Loosemore 7th and Holly Pearce 10th.

Show Jumping – Saturday 15th July

Open – Tatiana Brent won as an individual and qualified for the Championships

Intermediate – Thomas Broom was third as an individual & qualified for the Championships. Natasha Brent, Mimi Wharton and Thomas Broom won the team competition and qualified for the Championships

Novice – The team of Olivia Eden, Isabelle Geran, Bella Brent & Rachel Brown were 5th. Olivia Eden narrowly missed the chance of qualifying for the Championships as an individual.

Regional – The team of Laya Arden, Molly Loosemore and Holly Pearce were 7th and have qualified for the regional championships at Bicton. The team of Fran Stubbington, Max Harrison and Issy Kekwick were 8th and have also qualified for the regional championships at Bicton

Tetrathlon – Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July

Open Girls – Maddie Roche won as an individual and has qualified for the National Championships as well as being invited to join the SW regional team.

Junior Girls – Molly Loosemore won as an individual and qualified for the National Championships and Rachel Brown was second also qualifying as an individual.

B & C Test Success – April 2017

Well done to our C test candidates who all passed their tests today, after training for several weeks with Caroline Brimblecombe recently.

Well done Tom Broome, Stacey Coombes, Olivia Eden & Rachel Brown

Huge congratulations also to Emelia Wharton who passed her B test last week – a very impressive achievement


National Triathlon Championships – March 2016

A massive well done to our Silverton triathlon representatives Dexter Worley & Molly Loosemore, competing for AREA 15 –  at the Pony Club National Triathlon Championships in Milton Keynes. Dexter managed a personal best in his swim and run whilst Molly gained a personal best in her run and shared the joint best shoot. Area 15 won the team event – fantastic effort from both Silverton competitors…Well done guys

Fun Team Show Jumping – Jan 2017

L-R – Sophie J, Alaya, Sophie G with their team 3rd rosettes and Laya’s 1st rosette

Our riders did us proud with the Silverton Team consisting of Alaya Arden (Little Miss Piggy), Sophie Gillard (Gypsy) & Sophie Jackson (Tilly’s Dragonfly)  coming 3rd in the 60/70 with a fast double clear from Alaya, and just one fence down each for the two Sophies. Alaya also won this class individually on tiny Little Miss Piggy. In the 70/80 Sophie Gillard had just one fence down with an otherwise lovely fast round, and Alaya came 2nd individually with another fast double clear. Finally our braver older rider Celila Nowill entered the 80/90 class on Alfie and just missed out on a rosette individually with a beautifully ridden fast double clear

B Test Pass – August 2016

Well done to Laura Putt on passing her B test, what an achievement.! The first Silverton member to achieve this for a very long time

D Test Passes – July 2016

Alaya Arden, Maddie Baker, Ellie Bradner, Charlotte Broom, Martha Clutterbuck, Leane Cowle, Sophie Gillard, Isabelle Kekwick, Sophie Matthews, Holly Pearce and Jessica Saunders all passed their D Test during the 2016 Camp

D+ Test Passes – July 2016

Ellie Alexander, Lissy Arden, Betsy Board, Ellen Gooding, Max Harrison, Jasmin Leigh Browne, Demelza May, Molly Reeves, Oliver Saunders, Emily Williams and Faith Williamson all passed their D+ Test during the 2016 Camp

C Test Passes – June 2016

Well done to Anna Mae Cole, Imogen Goodfellow, Ella Hall, and Amelia Richards on passing their C-Tests 


Para Dressage

July 2016 – Silverton Hunt member Anna Mae Cole and Mr Darcy  competed in their first ever 2* international. They won all three of their classes, winning the grade 1B 2* – Well done Anna!

Show Jumping

17 July – Well done to Phoebe Overson coming 2nd in Novice Challenge Show Jumping



31 July 2016 – Another great day for the Silverton tetrathletes at the Spooners tri/tet this weekend. Rachel won the triathlon with best swim, then went on to win the tetrathlon with best ride and our first timer Dexter had a fantastic time finishing 2nd with best run in the triathlon! Will put in a great PB on his swim, and rode his first ever solo XC course, finishing 4th in his class so well done to you all.

April 2016 – Siblings Mollie & Will Loosemore make into the paper after a fantastic result at the national tri championships. 11-old Molly Loosemore won the Devon and Cornwall winter league, whilst her 9-year old brother, William, came sixth.

Molly then went on to compete in the national championships in which she came 9th in Great Britain and Ireland out of 50 competitors.

A fantastic achievement – well done!


Pony Club Quiz

6 Feb 2016 – Our 2 teams did brilliantly at the Area Quiz Night on Saturday 6th February, coming 1st & 3rd out of 14 teams!

The winning team consisted of Natasha Brent, Imogen Goodfellow, Sophie Matthews & Connie Small, whilst Tati Brent, Bella Brent, Lissy Arden & Grace Vicary were the third placed team.

Well done all!

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