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Rally Times

2020 Rally Times

Saturday 7 March 2020 – SJ Rally at Rollestone Farm – Carmen Shah

11:00 – Grace Vicary

11:30 Evie Coe, Ollie Coe

12:15 Archie Balchin

12:45 Rebecca Freshney – Lee, Nancy Goymour

1:15 Lydia Jackson

Sunday 23rd February 2020 – D + Test and SJ Rally at Hyperion – Gail Eden

10am D+ Indoor – Evie Fairley Hobbs, Nancy Goymour, Ellie Jackson

11am D+ Indoor – Emily Bateman, Sarah Pezzani, Tristan Fairley-Hobbs, Polly Cochrane

12 D+ Indoor – Maddy Hayward, Grace Vicary, Lauren Pezzani, Flo Quelvennec

1pm SJ Outdoor – Sarah Pezzani, Merry Tyler, Grace Vicary

2pm SJ Outdoor – Amy Fey, Maddy Hayward, Fae Matthias, Lauren Pezzani, Flo Quelvennec

Saturday 8 February 2020 – Rally at Hyperion – Gail Eden

10:00 Mounted Games –  Indoor – Violet Cooke, Evie Coe, Evie Fairley-Hobbs, Jessica Saunders, Rosie Saunders

11:00 SJ – Outside – Lacey Bailey, Jess `Coombes, Tristan Fairley-Hobbs, Merryn Tyler, Grace Vicary

12:00 SJ – Outside – Amy Fey, Maddy Hayward, Lauren Pezzani, Flo Quelvennec, Jessica Saunders

1:00 SJ Outside – Arleya Murphy, Sarah Pezzani


For a full list of forthcoming rallies look on the  Calendar or Click Here for PDF

Booking a place on a rally:

Rallies should be booked using the online booking system

No late bookings will be accepted unless someone has had to pull out of the rally.  

Please note:

  •  that if you have not informed Rebecca that you are unable to attend once the times have gone out you will not have money refunded or carried forward to another rally.
  • some rallies will be limited by hours and rally applications will be treated on a first come first serve basis.
  • if rallies are significantly oversubscribed we will endeavour to enlist the help of an additional instructor.

General Information about rallies

All our rallies are open to all members of any age or ability unless otherwise stated e.g. Junior rally would be for Junior members, likewise a Senior’s rally would be for seniors.

Please wear the correct clothing – white long sleeve shirt with pony club tie or stock, cream joddies and a pony club sweatshirt, pony club rugby shirt or jacket.  See theHat and Tack Safety page for some useful information.

Remember to pick up your ponies droppings at all rallies.

See the Instructors page for information about our instructors.

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