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Camp 2018 first letter and form

Camp will run this year as follows:

SENIORS: Saturday 28 July (noon) – Wed 1 August (4.30pm)

JUNIORS: Monday 30 July (9am) – Wed 1 Aug (4.30pm)

MINIS: Tues 31 July (9.30am – 4.30pm)




Once again camp was a highly successful few days – with 60 campers in total and 12 instructors between them

The results from the hotly contested stable group competition were extremely close and included not only the twice daily stable inspections but also tack cleaning, the quiz, the bucking bronco and bungie and the sj competition.   The results were as follows

1st        Blue                 151.6 points    Leader Isabelle Geran, Assistant Isabelle Kekwick

2nd       White               151.4 points    Leader Betsy Board, Assistant Anya Hitt

3rd        Green              144.3 points    Leader Megen Chapman, Assistant Ella Hall

4th        Red                  141.3 points    Leader Abi Grant, Assistant Kitty Guinness

5th        Pink                 134.5 points    Leader Olivia Eden, Assistant Beth Manley

6th        Yellow            128.4 points    Leader Claudia Smith, Assistant Charlotte Broom

7th        Orange            127.1 points    Leader Celia Nowill, Assistant Tilly Hutchinson-Field

We also asked each instructor to award one person in their ride for most effort and a second person for most improved and these were as follows

Ride                                        Most Effort                            Most Improved

Chris Johnson                         Tilly Kolowska                       Kitty Guinness

Ben Van Sommerren               Celia Nowill                            Ella Hall

Gail Eden                                Abi Grant                                Claudia Smith

Caroline Brimblecombe           Sophie Gillard                         Ellie Bradner

Althea Bleekman                     Rachel Brown                         Max Harrison

Debbie Newton                       Beth Manley                            Leanne Cowle

Kay Simpson                          Amy Stewart                           Elsie Cox

Abbie Hughes                         Alaya Arden                            Lukke Morris

Carmen Shah                           Maya Corbin                           Oliver Saunders

Amy Baker                              Jessica Saunders                     Bella Board

Louise Hutchinson                  Courage                                   Jessica Coombes

Most improved                        Emily Bateman

Most enthusiastic                    Evie Coe

Most Effort                             Violet Cook

Most Determined                    Mimi Brent

Louise’s ride were also awarded their ‘Trees’ badge.

ESP Photography Official photos here

Pony Club camp is a fantastic experience.  The Silverton Pony Club offers a seniors residential camp over 5 days, juniors non-residential over 3 days and a mini’s camp.

camp kit list 2017

Camp 2017 form – Camp 2017 first letter and form 

camp2016 – Click here to down load the camp forms

MEDQUEST – Click here to download the medical questionnaire

Suggested camp kit list – exact camp list will be issued nearer the time please check this as there may be additions.



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